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Natto in a straw holder, with chopsticks pointing towards it.

How Eating Natto Suppresses Arteriosclerosis

A new study shows that consuming natto induces changes in the intestinal microflora, suppressing inflammation and preventing arteriosclerosis.
A clock on a pink and blue split background.

Artery Calcification More Common in Night Owls

Artery calcification is almost twice as common in night owls compared to early birds, according to a new study, which illustrates the importance of circadian function during the early stages of cardiovascular disease.
An electrolysis cell.

A Novel Catalyst System for CO2 Conversion

Researchers are constantly pushing the limits of technology by breaking new ground in CO2 conversion. Their goal is to turn the harmful greenhouse gas into a valuable resource.
An arial photo of city housing.

City Living Could Affect Children's Development

The urban landscape, with its concrete jungles and constant hum, poses a range of challenges that could potentially impede a child’s growth and development.
Cancer cells.

New Research Examines How Painful Uterine Fibroids Grow

Nearly 8 in 10 women develop fibroids, noncancerous tumors that develop in the uterus during child-bearing years. Researchers found different signaling pathways being used by the fibroid cells compared to the uterine cells.
Ball and stick representation of the atoms in a crystal with a spin defect in the center, and the three-dimensional surfaces (red and blue) showing the excited states of the defect.

An Advanced Computational Tool for Understanding Quantum Materials

Researchers have developed a new computational tool to describe how the atoms within quantum materials behave when they absorb and emit light.
A lab worker.

Reusable and Recyclable, This New Hydrogel Slashes Its Environmental Impact

Princeton researchers have created a new type of hydrogel that is recyclable, yet still tough and stable enough for practical use (and reuse).
An iceberg under a stormy sky.

As the Arctic Warms, Its Waters Are Emitting Carbon

Runoff from one of North America’s largest rivers is driving intense carbon dioxide emissions in the Arctic Ocean.
Super resolution microscopy reveals two roundworm collagens labeled in red and green.

Advanced Microscopy Technique Investigates How Skin Layers Are Bound Together

Species throughout the animal kingdom feature vital interfaces between the outermost layers of their bodies and the environment. Intricate microscopic structures are known to assemble in matrix patterns.
A pipette dispenses pink liquid into a 96-well plate.

One Step Closer To a System That Can Detect Any Virus

A new study has validated the use of a new system that can detect any virus that could potentially infect humans, bringing it one step closer to use in viral surveillance and diagnosis.